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The Fable Tribe update is now live! <3 <3 <3

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So, since finishing Moth, Jenn and I have been non-stop at work on the next Fable Tribe update...which is tonight at eight o'clock, EST! I'm uploading everything now (while munching on one of the cortland apples we picked in the orchard on Sunday, and drinking violet tea. BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST DO WHEN YOU UPDATE THE FABLE TRIBE. ;D <3), and will set the shop live at eight tonight!

See the update preview at our Flickr! Seeker Stone sets, Blessing Bowls, hair flowers and spoon pendants. <3


We finished everything up for the update today, so I haven't been outside yet. To those of you who know me, this comes as no surprise, but I'm kind of a wild hooligan MOST months, but fall is my worst. XD I MUST BE OUTSIDE EVERY DAY FOR MULTIPLE HOURS, OR I TURN INTO A PUMPKIN (actual results may vary XD). I'm going to push through adding everything into the shop, and then I really hope there's enough time to go cavort at Swallow Hollow. This is the most beautiful day. <3 (To combat this while I was finishing up Moth, even if I'd worked fifteen hours straight on it during the day, I had to go for a walk. Even at one o'clock in the morning. In the rain. <--might have done so multiple times. Autumn fills me, sustains me, makes me feel alive, and I need to be part of every second of it.)

*has been vibrating in place at the table all day staring at the out-of-doors*

*updates faster*


Last but not least! I posted this in a Tumbl last night, but I'm putting it here, too. <3

You asked, we answered! Many of you wonderful, sparkly people have asked us how you can purchase signed paperback editions of our books…and now you can! I’ve created the Sappho’s Boutique Etsy shop. It has signed editions of all of our paperback books currently out, and some eReader editions, for those people who asked for a way to purchase the eReader copies directly from us. ♥

Thank you so much, guys, you’re wonderful! Let us know what you think of the shop. ♥

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Because we chose to focus solely every day on my most recent manuscript, The Fable Tribe suffered in September with NO UPDATE. This is a tragedy that we are rectifying!

Stay tuned tomorrow for magic! <3 <3 <3
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Moth is FINISHED. <3 <3 <3

Worked all day long. Exhausted. Sleep now. But so fucking happy. <3 On the INSIDE, I FEEL LIKE THIS:

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I am almost done with Moth. Almost done in every sense, in writing, in editing, in completion.

Very few of you know what Moth is about. I haven't kept it secret, per se, but I haven't been telling everyone, either. I've held it close to my heart, this little, fluttering thing, and it's ready now. It's time now.


Moth is my strangest baby, out of many strange babies. It has a very different life, already, than all of my others, and it has done strange things to and with me. I love it with all of my heart, but with a very different love than I have given any of my other stories. It is a patient love, and an unconditional love, because this book is very weighty and very strong and very strange. And it's going to make some people angry, and some people are going to love it, and some people are going to despise it, and I have done, as I always do, what I could by it.

I'm being cryptic, aren't I. Indulge me?

I have spent a great deal of time with this book, every day with this book, from sun up to sun down with this book. I have walked into its pages with a great deal of trust, and--oh baby--I trust all the time. But this time was different. There was a spark. There was a kiss of cool wind. There was a change in tides.

I never expected this book that came up to me, this brazen little thing, and demanded that I write it. "I don't want to write you," I told the story. But it tugged at my sleeve, insistent. "I can't write you," I told the story. But it clung to me, insistent. "But you're going to be hated," I whispered to it.

"But I need to be written anyway," it whispered back.

So I wrote it. I devoted time and love and sleepless nights to it. I nurtured it into creation, and molded it and made it, and when it was done (or, it is almost done), I took a breath. A single breath. And I thought many things, in the time it took to draw that breath, but in the end, the final thought was this:

You were meant to be. And: I am proud of you.

I am so very close to putting away the brushes, stepping back from the canvas, putting my hands to the small of my back and surveying it fully, this landscape, this storyland. I know each thumbprint of it, every line of it, and it is strange and painful and beautiful and weird, and I have put everything that I am or could be or ever was into it. I have given all that I have for it.

The last page is coming, and it requires even more of me, as any story must. When you have given all you are, it asks for one hairsbreadth more. And you give it, freely. With love.

That's how you know you were meant to write it.
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Jenn and I have worked every single day, non-stop, inhuman hours, for months with no *definite* end in sight. No human being can do this. We were at a lodge in the mountains with Jenn's parents this past weekend--which was wonderful, but we had to spend the entire vacation working (though there were still wonderful moments, it would have been NICE and RELAXING if we'd treated the vacation LIKE A VACATION). I've been re-reading one of my favorite childhood series, "The Rocky Ridge Series," (it's also sometimes known as "The Rose Years"--a series of books written by Roger MacBride, Rose Wilder's adopted grandson. Rose Wilder was, of course, Laura Ingalls Wilder's daughter.), and I brought the books down with me to read in tiny snatches of moments. I had a lot of epiphanies, strangely enough, re-reading one of my ultimate comfort books for the 1,243,567 time, but one of them was this:

The books chronicle some incredibly hard times, but no matter what, if there was imminent blizzard, or if you didn't gather enough food DEATH may be a possibility, or if there was a raging FIRE, they always, always, always had a day of rest. Even when they were in their covered wagon. A particular line struck me...that even the horses needed a day of rest, because even animals deserve a tiny amount of time to recoup during the week.

Okay. That above paragraph may sound like the most obvious thing in the known universe. But it was like a punch to the gut to me. It has been very, very, very hard these past few months. There have been amazing and wonderful moments, but it's been difficult. We've not given ourselves any amount of freedom or time, because we've felt we didn't have the "luxury" of spending one second away from our work. What this results in is when we take small vacations, we spend the entire time ill or sick, because we've worked ourselves into the ground more than pit ponies (WHY IS SARAH USING ALL OF THE EQUINE METAPHORS).

So I thought about this for a few days, and on the drive back up from the lodge, Jenn and I talked about it. And we were like: yes. We need a day of rest.

This week is one of the most hectic in my life. There's a novel deadline for REASONS on Friday, and I have worked non-stop on this for book for two months (plus more time, but NON-STOP, TWELVE HOURS A DAY for two months). We'd decided, on our drive up, that Wednesday would be what we jokingly referred to as the "Purple Sabbath" of our week.

But...this Wednesday? I was worried about it. Shouldn't I take the entire day and pour over things again? Won't I have to stay up super late on Thursday and Friday to get this done, when I've already been doing this?

And we both decided: you know what? There's ALWAYS GOING TO BE SOMETHING. The Purple Sabbath needs to be as fucking non-negotiable as the tides and the moon phases. Because if it is NOT non-negotiable, we will always, always, always work, instead of rest.

And we need. To. Rest.

So. This is the first Purple Sabbath. I'm sitting in bed writing this post, next to Jenn, who's ALSO writing a post (THE MOST SHOCKING THING SINCE TIME BEGAN, TWO POSTS FROM US ;D). I'm a little happily overwhelmed, in the best of possible ways, with what we could do with this day. The only plan is FINALLY getting to go see this movie tonight at our local crazy-cheap-adorable theater. I also want to head to one of our favorite parks, but in all seriousness, I have ten books on my bedside table that have been giving me sultry eyes every moment of every day, and WHO KNOWS, MAYBE WE WILL STAY IN BED AND READ.

I don't know. But that not knowing is like...the most glorious thing ever.

I was telling Jenn last night: it is a LITTLE SAD when we are overjoyed to the point of TEARS for a SINGLE DAY in which we are allowed to READ AND GO FOR WALKS. But we don't really require all that much in life. A beautiful fall day, spent relaxing with my wife...paradise, in physicality. <3


<3 THE END. <3
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Oh my goodness. So, at crazy o'clock this morning, my mum calls me in a panic. Her car has a flat tire (WORST TIMING EVER), Dad is already at work (he goes very early), and one of her dogs, A, has an infection that Mum thinks has turned into pyometra (my Mum has been breeding dogs since before I was born, still is). You don't want to know what pyo is, trust me. Can I come and take her and said pup to the vet? (Pyo can kill VERY quickly if it's not operated on.) So, today is the Fable Tribe update, but I drop everything to rush to their house, and then proceed to wait eleventy billion hours in the vet's office with a very worried Mum and very sick dog who was very sad. :( :( :( (I spent all morning hugging her. Oh my goodness, that poor baby. ;-; She's related to my Newfoundland soulmate, Beethoven, so it was devastating to see her like that.)

Jenn, being amazing beyond reason, EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS NOT UPDATED AN ETSY SHOP IN ELEVENTY BILLION YEARS, got up super early, took all of the pictures, and began the update. ;-; <3 <3 <3

So! I'm finally home! A is in surgery (she *did* have the infection, but it was detected, and can be operated on, so she's going to be okay hopefully--good thoughts appreciated!), Mum is feeling relieved and happy, and ALL of the Glamourkins are already added to the shop because I have the best wife in the ENTIRE COSMOS. ;-; <--weepy with gratitude.

So, all I have left to do is the hair flowers and Seeker Stone sets! Want to follow along with the rest? See the last bit of what's coming at our Flickr, and follow along with the last part of the update our Etsy shop!

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The next Fable Tribe update is this Friday at noon! We have a few Glamourkin lovelies to present, as well as more Seeker Stone sets (which you guys loved--hooray!), which sold out quickly, and more hair flowers, which also sold out! :) <3 More magic for everyone~

Stay tuned for sparkle! <3
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"Curse Cabin Confession," by Sarah Diemer
When Robin invites her girlfriend, Malinda, up to her family cabin for the weekend, it's not just for a romantic time. Robin has a confession to make: she's not exactly human.

Read it here!

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