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Our Glamourkin-centric update of The Fable Tribe is now live! There are many beautiful, and magic-filled lake-stone pendants, the regular Glamourkin shape of pendant, and some book and circle Glamourkins as well. We've also debuted the Glamourkin Oracle!

The inherent magic of Glamourkins lies in the fact that each pendant is intended for one person. One person on all the Earth. But humans are uncertain creatures, sometimes unaware as to which bits of wisdom would serve them best in their day-to-day journeys. And sometimes they need an outside voice to spell out the inner truths they already know.

Thus, we have created the Glamourkin Oracle. With your purchase, you will receive ONE Glamourkin pendant specially chosen for you by fate, faeries, or the Divine--whatever you believe. :) Cast your cares to the Universe and receive the message you alone are meant to explore. Repeat its words like a mantra, and wear it close to your heart. <3

-- from The Glamourkin Oracle

Any sharing about the update, purchases or word-of-mouth mentioning is supreme love, and deeply appreciated. The only way we are able to do what we do is because of the amazing support and love shown to us and the Fable Tribe--we appreciate it more than we could EVER articulate it. <3 <3 <3
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I'm beginning the Fable Tribe's update now! Follow along at our Etsy, and see what's coming up at our Flickr! (I'm working backwards from page six. <3)
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The next Fable Tribe update is beginning in one hour! It's a Glamourkin-centric update~ <3 See the preview at our Flickr! <3

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I have declared today SPARKLE DAY! I am so ridiculous proud of Jenn, and so happy--the novella is so, so beautiful you guys--and my sister gave me some AMAZING and TEAR-INDUCINGLY WONDERFUL news this morning...and now, we have the Fable Tribe update! <3

This is a Glamourkin-centric update, and is beginning now! You can see the update in preview form at our Flickr, and because of an awesome new way to update that I discovered JUST LAST TIME (after years of updating painfully slowly. Great. :P BUT AT LEAST I FOUND IT!!!), this shouldn't take that long to put up! <3 Come and celebrate with us for all of the awesome shininess of the day and see if one of these Glamourkins speaks to you!

This update, in particular, was astonishingly magical to create--we hope you enjoy! <3 <3 <3
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The next Fable Tribe update is this Friday, June 1st, at 3PM, EST! It's a Glamourkin focused one, with more closed book and Lake-Stone Glamourkins, and several traditional shapes. <3 There are also (as always! The fairies are MISCHIEVOUS!) a few small surprises in this one--stay tuned for magic! <3

Also, thanks to finally receiving our shipment of blank bowls, I added a few more custom Blessing Bowl slots back into the shop! Last time, they sold out within minutes, so if you were disappointed that you weren't able to get one last time, they're up now!

A few unusual surprises are coming soon to the Fable Tribe in the next few weeks, things and places we have never gone with this fairy magic--we can't wait to show you! <3
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The Fable Tribe update is now live! This update, we've debuting Lake Stone Glamourkins, Tarot Grottos and Blessing Vessels, along with a few favorites like the Blessing Bowls and available custom slots! Any spreading of the word is love and so appreciated--come to the fairy dusted halls of the Fable Tribe and see what magic awaits you! <3
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All right, guys! The preview for tonight's update is live on Flickr! I'm starting the update now (and the custom listings are now posted!).

For Blessing Bowls, Blessing Vessels, Tarot Grottos, brand new Lake-Shore Stone Glamourkins and custom listings, I direct your gaze and sparkle to our Etsy shop! You can follow along with the update there, and see what's coming up at our Flickr!

(The Element Blessing Vessels!)
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The Fable Tribe update is live in the shop! This time around we debuted several new, shiny things, including Glamourkins made out of little wooden books, Invocation Blessing Bowls (of which there is only one left! [I'm so, so glad you guys loved them! <3]) and Fairy Wish Houses!

This is the update that's going to make the Fairie Festival possible for us and vanquish some pesky, unexpected bills, so any spreading of the word is extremely appreciated, and earns you magical, internet hugs! Possibly from unicorns! I'll see if they're willing to hug people. XD <333333333333
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Jenn and I are so pleased to unveil the latest the Fable Tribe update to you! We have several new, shiny things in this update, including Invocation Blessing Bowls, Fairy Wish Houses and a new type of Glamourkins, made out of tiny wooden books! <3

You can see what's upcoming at our Flickr, and you can follow along our Etsy shop! <3

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Just a reminder that the Fable Tribe's update will be beginning in a few hours! Hopefully around four or five-ish. We have several surprises in store--stay tuned for magic! <3
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