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So, since finishing Moth, Jenn and I have been non-stop at work on the next Fable Tribe update...which is tonight at eight o'clock, EST! I'm uploading everything now (while munching on one of the cortland apples we picked in the orchard on Sunday, and drinking violet tea. BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST DO WHEN YOU UPDATE THE FABLE TRIBE. ;D <3), and will set the shop live at eight tonight!

See the update preview at our Flickr! Seeker Stone sets, Blessing Bowls, hair flowers and spoon pendants. <3


We finished everything up for the update today, so I haven't been outside yet. To those of you who know me, this comes as no surprise, but I'm kind of a wild hooligan MOST months, but fall is my worst. XD I MUST BE OUTSIDE EVERY DAY FOR MULTIPLE HOURS, OR I TURN INTO A PUMPKIN (actual results may vary XD). I'm going to push through adding everything into the shop, and then I really hope there's enough time to go cavort at Swallow Hollow. This is the most beautiful day. <3 (To combat this while I was finishing up Moth, even if I'd worked fifteen hours straight on it during the day, I had to go for a walk. Even at one o'clock in the morning. In the rain. <--might have done so multiple times. Autumn fills me, sustains me, makes me feel alive, and I need to be part of every second of it.)

*has been vibrating in place at the table all day staring at the out-of-doors*

*updates faster*


Last but not least! I posted this in a Tumbl last night, but I'm putting it here, too. <3

You asked, we answered! Many of you wonderful, sparkly people have asked us how you can purchase signed paperback editions of our books…and now you can! I’ve created the Sappho’s Boutique Etsy shop. It has signed editions of all of our paperback books currently out, and some eReader editions, for those people who asked for a way to purchase the eReader copies directly from us. ♥

Thank you so much, guys, you’re wonderful! Let us know what you think of the shop. ♥

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Moth is FINISHED. <3 <3 <3

Worked all day long. Exhausted. Sleep now. But so fucking happy. <3 On the INSIDE, I FEEL LIKE THIS:

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I am almost done with Moth. Almost done in every sense, in writing, in editing, in completion.

Very few of you know what Moth is about. I haven't kept it secret, per se, but I haven't been telling everyone, either. I've held it close to my heart, this little, fluttering thing, and it's ready now. It's time now.


Moth is my strangest baby, out of many strange babies. It has a very different life, already, than all of my others, and it has done strange things to and with me. I love it with all of my heart, but with a very different love than I have given any of my other stories. It is a patient love, and an unconditional love, because this book is very weighty and very strong and very strange. And it's going to make some people angry, and some people are going to love it, and some people are going to despise it, and I have done, as I always do, what I could by it.

I'm being cryptic, aren't I. Indulge me?

I have spent a great deal of time with this book, every day with this book, from sun up to sun down with this book. I have walked into its pages with a great deal of trust, and--oh baby--I trust all the time. But this time was different. There was a spark. There was a kiss of cool wind. There was a change in tides.

I never expected this book that came up to me, this brazen little thing, and demanded that I write it. "I don't want to write you," I told the story. But it tugged at my sleeve, insistent. "I can't write you," I told the story. But it clung to me, insistent. "But you're going to be hated," I whispered to it.

"But I need to be written anyway," it whispered back.

So I wrote it. I devoted time and love and sleepless nights to it. I nurtured it into creation, and molded it and made it, and when it was done (or, it is almost done), I took a breath. A single breath. And I thought many things, in the time it took to draw that breath, but in the end, the final thought was this:

You were meant to be. And: I am proud of you.

I am so very close to putting away the brushes, stepping back from the canvas, putting my hands to the small of my back and surveying it fully, this landscape, this storyland. I know each thumbprint of it, every line of it, and it is strange and painful and beautiful and weird, and I have put everything that I am or could be or ever was into it. I have given all that I have for it.

The last page is coming, and it requires even more of me, as any story must. When you have given all you are, it asks for one hairsbreadth more. And you give it, freely. With love.

That's how you know you were meant to write it.
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My short story, "Seek" has been released today! It's available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords, and will also be available in print in a few weeks, because it's part of the line-up in my first anthology, Love Devours!

What would you do to be with the love of your life? Seek, a lady knight, has asked herself this question and come to a bone-chilling conclusion: she would summon a monster from the ocean's depths. But is Lady Ella truly worth the ugly price the monster demands?

"Seek" is a dark fantasy short story about desire and how strange love can be. "Seek" is part of the forthcoming collection LOVE DEVOURS: TALES OF MONSTROUS ADORATION, Sarah Diemer's first anthology, a collection of queer dark fantasy and science fiction stories.


I wrote so much today that my eyes are actually blurry. Like, I can't see this screen type of blurry. I'm sooooooooooooo cloooooooooooooooose to finishing the last story in Love Devours, but I just don't have the energy for it. It's my favorite, out of the ENTIRE anthology (and I love all of these babies very, very much, so that's saying something!), and I'm so excited about the premise, and I love the characters, but it will HAVE TO WAIT because EYEBALLS are KIND OF IMPORTANT.

In lieu of lots of thinky thoughts that I hope to post either tomorrow or the day after, I wanted to share the covers of the rest of the short stories of LOVE DEVOURS, and--hence--the titles! You can SORT of guess what each one is about, but I'm going to keep that in the dark just a tiiiiiiiiny bit longer. :) <3

Read more... )
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Today, I finished The Bone Girl. For four years of my life, this beautiful creature has been with me, has stayed, curled and unfolding in my heart and head.

It's over. The last line has been written, the edits have gone through, the final edits need to be made. I feel like I stand in a castle, all built and beautiful, and now I must move out again, vagabond that I am, to move to another land, where the foundation for another castle rests, walls of stories ready and waiting to be erected. Waiting for me.

Goodbye, beloved book. I have loved you, and I have loved you fiercely. Thank you for being kind to me, your storyteller, for staying with me as I spun you. I love you. Go forth and be good and be read.


The Bone Girl is coming August 28th, 2012. <3 <3 <3
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Today, I unveiled the shiny book trailer for my upcoming YA release The Bone Girl. I am inordinately proud of something so small and simple, because it's the first video I've ever made. I worked super hard on it (NOT THAT YOU CAN TELL *laughing*), and I kind of cackled in glee and waved my legs a lot (EXACTLY LIKE THIS) when I finally got it the way I wanted it. THIS MEANS THAT EVERYTHING GETS A BOOK TRAILER NOW. SERIOUSLY. EVERY. THING. :D :D :D

And now, a day of writing! Probably the last. <3


Add The Bone Girl on Goodreads!
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Today is, perhaps, the second to last day of living in the world of The Bone Girl. Perhaps the last day. These moments are always bittersweet in a story you've spent so long in--I began incarnations of The Bone Girl in 2008...for four years, I have lived with its characters, its concerns, its dreams and metaphors and monsters. I have lived with the love between Mara and Lutese, and soon, soon, she will launch like a ship into the ocean of the world, and the author will be left behind, as the author always is.

I hang on more to the "sweet" end of the bittersweet process of finishing a novel. I have loved it so much. I have loved its world, and my girls, so, so dearly. Lu has been fascinating to write--so cowardly in the beginning, so single minded and selfish, and for her to evolve into someone much less cowardly, to blossom and grow through hardship into a girl who wants, more than anything, really, to save the world, has been a magical thing. I love Mara. I love Mara. She is so loyal and courageous and cares so, so deeply for Lu, that--together, as you will see--they can accomplish anything.

I wanted, at the very end of the day, to write a story about a girl who learned empathy. About the differences that we all possess, and how they can be used to evolve the world, not destroy it. I wanted to write about hate, and how it can be overcome, about violence, and how it can be transformed, about lies and how you shouldn't believe everything you're told, or your parents were told, or your grandparents were told. I wanted to write a story about a girl who sifted through all of the tradition and stereotypes and superstitions, in a dying world, and who could finally discern for herself what was worth believing in:

Love. Kindness. Courage. And herself.

It's a very weird story. People trade skins like books. The animals speak, and Skin Peddlers have blue hands. The Church of the Skinned will try to save your body, and End City will try to steal it, and the ocean holds so very many secrets that always, eventually, wash ashore.

And I can't wait to share its story with the world. And with you. <3

I'm wearing one of my favorite writing talismans today, for the fine magic required of finishing a novel. My Glamourkin that says "beneath her skin ran ink." <3
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(Originally posted at Muse Rising! <3)

The second installment of The Dark Wife's FREE audio book recording is now live at the dedicated audio book page, or download it below! <3

The Dark Wife, written by me, Sarah Diemer, is read by the awesome Veronica Giguere, and mixed and produced by the incredible Hugh O'Donnell! <3

2. The Dark Wife — Chapter One, Olympus

The Dark Wife is the YA, lesbian retelling of the Persephone myth.

Three thousand years ago, a god told a lie. Now, only a goddess can tell the truth.

Persephone has everything a daughter of Zeus could want–except for freedom. She lives on the green earth with her mother, Demeter, growing up beneath the ever-watchful eyes of the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus. But when Persephone meets the enigmatic Hades, she experiences something new: choice.

Zeus calls Hades “lord” of the dead as a joke. In truth, Hades is the goddess of the underworld, and no friend of Zeus. She offers Persephone sanctuary in her land of the dead, so the young goddess may escape her Olympian destiny.

But Persephone finds more than freedom in the underworld. She finds love, and herself.
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...but I'm just too gosh-darn excited to not talk about it right this very minute, so even though my eyes are ACTUALLY BLINKING SLOWLY I AM SO SLEEPY (I feel like such a cartoon right now), I wanted to mention that I've written ALL DAY, and I'm SO CLOSE to being finished with SO MANY THINGS. I feel like I'm multiply pregnant, and will be giving birth multiple times over the next few days. :P AH, METAPHORS.

Love Devours: Tales of Monstrous Adoration is so close to being done. I finished-finished-finished the short story "Seek" today (you can see its cover and a bit about it on my Tumblr!). "Seek" was the first story I came up with for the anthology, and I'm very, very pleased with it. :) IT IS VERY DARK AND WEIRD, and it came out exactly as I'd wanted it, too, after a LOT of wrangling, and a lot of bleary tearing-out-hair-and-staring-at-the-computer-screen. :P That leaves three other short stories to get all polished up and ready, "Our Lady of Wolves," "We Grow Accustomed to the Dark" and "The Forever Star." AND THEN IT IS FINISHED! *confetti*

I am SO close to being done with The Bone Girl, I'm all weepy I didn't get it done today (I'm shooting for Monday as an official THIS IS THE PARTYING AT THE END OF IT day). Also, I'm coming along with One Beltane Morning (the second book in the Benevolence Tales series, the first being One Solstice Night), I should hopefully be done with that at the end of this week, and Jenn and I are underway on Alight, the sort-of-but-not-really-but-it-is-set-in-the-same-world-sequel to The Dark Wife. *breathes out* And that's the stuff I've been working on these past few days, ladies and gentlefae--there are so many other projects going right now, but those are my primary focuses. I am SO excited to be able to finish The Bone Girl and get Love Devours out, and I do NOT LIKE TO PROMISE THINGS, but I MAY mention Ragged and "been working on it" in the same sentence.

This is shaping up to be a very, very book-full summer. <3

And now, I am getting unable to string coherent sentences together, I am so VERY TIRED. So, to sleep! Perchance to dream! For in that sleep of a queer-lady, what dreams may come will be lesbian-fairy-tale filled and sparkly.

Good night. <3
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- So, my award-winning (THAT IS JUST SO SPARKLY, GAH. *JOY FOREVER*) short story, "The Witch Sea," has FINALLY been changed to free on Amazon (after a two month wait!), but it's just in time for the holiday weekend, and I'm glad it's finally done! :) (Don't ask--I had to do technical things to subvert the system and make it free, and technology is not that easy to subvert, lemme tell ya!) It's about a lonely witch, a sea god, and a selkie, and I'd love to see it get pretty high on the free charts, because everyone needs a little lesbian fiction in their lives! If you have a Kindle, please consider downloading the short story, and if you don't have a Kindle, please consider spreading the word--every little bit helps, and is much appreciated! ♥

Download "The Witch Sea" for FREE!

- After an awesome conversation with Rachel last night that energized and FILLED ME WITH SPARKLE, I stayed up until four thirty in the morning finishing the redesign of my author site, I wanted it SUPER SIMPLIFIED, while still giving important information, and be a portal for the book links on their various sellers, our blog and my various social media presences. I THINK IT DOES ITS DUTY. AND IS ALSO PINK WHILE DOING IT. I am pleased. (The graphic at the top is actually a stock image I purchased forever and a day ago--it'll be used for a cover, eventually, too, but it looks so happy up there! :) *pets it*)

- I kind of feel like the father of an about-to-be-born child. Jenn has gone into the bedroom with her laptop, to finish the end of her novella, Seven: A Lesbian Snow White, and I'm out here, in the living room, working on my own writing, hoping its going well for her. :D *fret* *chews nail* This is the first piece of writing she'll have finished in...well...a very long time. And it wasn't easy. And she's worked so hard on it, and it is so fucking brilliant, and I'm so proud of her and so nervous for her, and just...gah! :D *paces* *waits to hear imaginary-baby-of-a-novella cry*

- I'm currently working on a short story for an anthology I was invited to! <3 I went past the deadline, and they were awesome and had already granted me wiggle room if I needed it, and I am FINALLY finishing it up today, and am very happy with it~ I'll talk a little more about it after it's absolute in all ways. :D

- SPEAKING of novels, I should be finished-finished-finished with The Bone Girl tomorrow, ready to send it off to the Women of Lovely Feedback, and then the final edits will be flying, and it should definitely hit its tentative release date (which is slowly shaping up to be a definite release date!) of June 26th! I worked very hard on this novel, but it's been super kind to its author (UNLIKE OTHER NOVELS I COULD NAME), so it was kind of a breeze to get everything down. :) I love the main character, Lutese, love her love interest, Mara (she's so awesome and kick ass~ <3), I love Ozz and Roar and Valienne, and I hope that people are going to enjoy it as much as I did. :) <3 It's a strange little novel--Twixt and Ragged are much more edgy in obvious ways, but The Bone Girl has its own kind of edge to it. The whole basis of the book is how far are you going to go to be true to yourself, and if you have no empathy, what will you do to find it? Lu starts out in the story really caring about no one but herself, and--at the end of the novel--we see a marked shift in her perceptions and empathy. She's fallen in love with an outcast, and she (possibly!) is the bone girl of the prophecies, and the world is dying, and people need help, and she always closed to her eyes to every last bit of other people's suffering...until she can't, anymore. There are elemental spirits, shape-shifting Low, Animal Balls of grandeur and beauty, and a one hundred year dead spell where nothing grows, and Skin Peddlers who steal and buy and sell skins, and a Priest of the Church of the Skinned who doesn't necessarily believe that having your original skin means you're pure (blasphemy!) and a fire and, and... courage. And hope. And love. <3 I can't wait to share it with you!

- After finishing The Bone Girl, I'm turning right back around and finishing The Dream Queen (The graphic novel/web comic of the lesbian Midsummer Night's Dream!), and then I have to typeset the first volume of Sappho's Fables, which so many people are excited about! <3 <3 <3 I'm excited about it, too~ :) Tentative release dates on Seven are THIS WEDNESDAY, OMG!, and then next week Wednesday for the first volume. :D

- Also, this Wednesday, the next Fable Tribe update! <3

- If you haven't noticed, I wanted this to be a post of other! Exciting! Things!, but we don't really have much going on right now besides WRITING FOREVER AND EVER HOORAY. There are a lot of looming deadlines, but we're very excited about all of them, because once the novels and novellas and volumes are out, things can slow down a tiny bit. As you know, we make all of our moolahs from our novels, novellas and short stories and the Fable Tribe, and we work very, very hard to be able to do this. Inhumanly hard, honestly. :) We never take breaks, we put in nineteen hour days OFTEN. NORMALLY. Mortal humans can't live at that speed. Soon, though, we're going to make almost ALL of our monthly budget from books, freeing us up from having to put out a Fable Tribe update every two weeks AND write, AND edit AND... :) And then our lives will ALSO be my FAVORITE WORD: SUSTAINABLE. When all I want to do is write, THAT IS WHAT I SHALL DO. When all I want to do is glue glitter to things, THAT IS WHAT I SHALL DO. And SOME DAYS? SOME DAYS I AM GOING TO FINALLY BE ABLE TO SLEEP IN. :D OH, GLORIOUS SLEEP. *writes an Ode to it* I want so very little from life, and I have everything I need--now, I just need to order it so that I can occasionally take breaks and be a little gentler with myself. :) We're almost there, baby!!! <--PSYCHED

- I got a fan letter that made me cry yesterday. :) It was so heartfelt and vulnerable and beautiful, and I felt so humbled after reading it. I know that some people think that when someone pours out their heart to an author, explaining what their books meant to them, an author might not pay attention or be touched by it, but I promise you: that's not true. We are changed by the love given to our stories, as the stories themselves are changed when they are read with that much love. <3 I had a moment of deep, boundless gratitude for that letter, and I'm never going to forget it.

- ...And that is all the sparkle that is fit to print. <3 <3 <3
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