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2012-10-12 03:04 pm

Update Live! <3

The Fable Tribe update is live now!

ALSO, with this update, we'll hopefully crest past 500 sales, guys! That's crazy wonderful! <3 <3 <3
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2012-10-12 12:07 pm

Update Day!

Today's Fable Tribe update will be posted live at three PM in its entirety! See the update preview at our Flickr, and stay tuned for magic! <3


Update days always have a hint of festival energy about them. Usually, Jenn's been taking the pictures since crazy o'clock in the morning, and when I get up, there's just excitement in the air. All of the pretties that we made, all of the magic that we spun, everything we've worked so hard for--we're about to show it to everyone. I make approximately eighteen thousand cups of tea, set up the laptop, then go over the pictures that Jenn's taken. You can ALWAYS tell the difference between my pictures and her pictures, BECAUSE SHE'S ACTUALLY A VERY GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER, and I'm always like YE GODS I AM GLAD YOU TOOK THEM. :P

I actually prefer the doing all of the update bits behind a curtain, then flinging back the flaps of the "tent" at a specific time, so that everyone can come in at once. There's a certain magic to that.

I've been doing these updates for quite a long time, now, and the day always has the same energy. Excitement. Happiness. Satisfaction. Magic.

Looooooooooooooooooots of tea.

Orca's perched on my shoulder right now. He reminds me that a DIFFERENT kind of magic happened EARLIER THIS MORNING:

I GIVE YOU: Link and Sporkin, love birds.

See you at three! And happy Friday!! <3
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2012-10-11 11:38 am

The Fable Tribe Update! <3

The next Fable Tribe update will be tomorrow, October 12th, at 3 PM! <3

Stay tuned for magic! <3
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2012-10-01 08:01 pm

The Fable Tribe Halloween~ now live!

This Halloween update, we've included Samhain Blessing Bowls--bowls that can be used to honor your ancestors, and help invoke the magic of a blessed Samhain night. <3

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2012-10-01 01:41 pm

The Fable Tribe Halloween -- Preview!

The Fable Tribe Halloween update is tonight! The witching hour of 8 PM (EST) draws ever closer, and the veils have parted--you can now see the update preview at our Flickr!

Haunting hair flowers, Victorian Halloween Glamourkins (and Crystal Glamourkins!), and Samhain Blessing Bowls for your magical workings this Hallow's Eve (or to decorate your home with sacred intention this October). ♥

The ENTIRE UPDATE will go live when the clock strikes eight! ♥

See the update preview at our Flickr!

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2012-09-29 12:16 pm


Expect magic when the clock strikes eight...
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2012-09-25 08:07 pm

The Fable Tribe -- Update Live!

The Fable Tribe update is now live! <3 <3 <3

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2012-09-25 03:28 pm

The Fable Tribe Update! <3

So, since finishing Moth, Jenn and I have been non-stop at work on the next Fable Tribe update...which is tonight at eight o'clock, EST! I'm uploading everything now (while munching on one of the cortland apples we picked in the orchard on Sunday, and drinking violet tea. BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST DO WHEN YOU UPDATE THE FABLE TRIBE. ;D <3), and will set the shop live at eight tonight!

See the update preview at our Flickr! Seeker Stone sets, Blessing Bowls, hair flowers and spoon pendants. <3


We finished everything up for the update today, so I haven't been outside yet. To those of you who know me, this comes as no surprise, but I'm kind of a wild hooligan MOST months, but fall is my worst. XD I MUST BE OUTSIDE EVERY DAY FOR MULTIPLE HOURS, OR I TURN INTO A PUMPKIN (actual results may vary XD). I'm going to push through adding everything into the shop, and then I really hope there's enough time to go cavort at Swallow Hollow. This is the most beautiful day. <3 (To combat this while I was finishing up Moth, even if I'd worked fifteen hours straight on it during the day, I had to go for a walk. Even at one o'clock in the morning. In the rain. <--might have done so multiple times. Autumn fills me, sustains me, makes me feel alive, and I need to be part of every second of it.)

*has been vibrating in place at the table all day staring at the out-of-doors*

*updates faster*


Last but not least! I posted this in a Tumbl last night, but I'm putting it here, too. <3

You asked, we answered! Many of you wonderful, sparkly people have asked us how you can purchase signed paperback editions of our books…and now you can! I’ve created the Sappho’s Boutique Etsy shop. It has signed editions of all of our paperback books currently out, and some eReader editions, for those people who asked for a way to purchase the eReader copies directly from us. ♥

Thank you so much, guys, you’re wonderful! Let us know what you think of the shop. ♥

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2012-09-24 05:24 pm

The Fable Tribe Update! <3

Because we chose to focus solely every day on my most recent manuscript, The Fable Tribe suffered in September with NO UPDATE. This is a tragedy that we are rectifying!

Stay tuned tomorrow for magic! <3 <3 <3
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2012-08-24 03:07 pm

The Fable Tribe -- Update!

Oh my goodness. So, at crazy o'clock this morning, my mum calls me in a panic. Her car has a flat tire (WORST TIMING EVER), Dad is already at work (he goes very early), and one of her dogs, A, has an infection that Mum thinks has turned into pyometra (my Mum has been breeding dogs since before I was born, still is). You don't want to know what pyo is, trust me. Can I come and take her and said pup to the vet? (Pyo can kill VERY quickly if it's not operated on.) So, today is the Fable Tribe update, but I drop everything to rush to their house, and then proceed to wait eleventy billion hours in the vet's office with a very worried Mum and very sick dog who was very sad. :( :( :( (I spent all morning hugging her. Oh my goodness, that poor baby. ;-; She's related to my Newfoundland soulmate, Beethoven, so it was devastating to see her like that.)

Jenn, being amazing beyond reason, EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS NOT UPDATED AN ETSY SHOP IN ELEVENTY BILLION YEARS, got up super early, took all of the pictures, and began the update. ;-; <3 <3 <3

So! I'm finally home! A is in surgery (she *did* have the infection, but it was detected, and can be operated on, so she's going to be okay hopefully--good thoughts appreciated!), Mum is feeling relieved and happy, and ALL of the Glamourkins are already added to the shop because I have the best wife in the ENTIRE COSMOS. ;-; <--weepy with gratitude.

So, all I have left to do is the hair flowers and Seeker Stone sets! Want to follow along with the rest? See the last bit of what's coming at our Flickr, and follow along with the last part of the update our Etsy shop!

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2012-08-10 02:13 pm

The Fable Tribe -- Update Beginning Now!

The beginning of this update marks a solid week of work for Jenn and I--a week of very little sleep, and a GREAT deal of magic. We haven't worked harder on much else in our histories, and I have to say, we could not have done any of this without the constant support and feeling of being held that the Goddess gave us. <--Honesty

That being said, what this update is comprised of, contains some of the most magical items that Jenn and I have ever created together. Including something that we came up with YEARS ago, when we first envisioned Glamourkin.

They're called "Seeker Stones~" <3 A set of stones, used similar to runes, for divination purposes, magic, reminders. The main sets come with thirteen stones in a hand collaged box, the "Booster" sets come with six stones in an organza bag. How do you use them? Pull them every morning, like you'd pull a rune, do a reading with them of past, present and future...pull one when you need a divine reminder, or when you need a little boost. Think about the message of the word, feel the weight of the stone in your hand, feel your connection to spirit abound. Jenn and I have been using one of these sets for a very long time, and it's pure magic--we are so, so overjoyed to share these with you. <3

Today, we also debut cork Glamourkins (!!!), Crystal Glamourkins, and we fill the shop again with our beloved spoon Glamourkins. We did something a wee bit different for the spoon Glamourkins this time around--they all contain a beloved quote or snippet from *old* poetry.

I'm asking you guys for a special favor this time. This month has been tight for us, because of the summer slowdown. If you're been thinking of something pretty or lovely to treat yourself--please consider doing so. If you were thinking of spreading the word of this update--we would appreciate it greatly. I have every faith in the universe that by the end of today, some of my cares will be lessened, and I owe that entirely to you (and the Goddess), and your support. Thanks for being. <3 <3 <3

See the update preview at our Flickr! (I'm starting on page 8 and working back.) Follow along with the update at our Etsy!

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2012-07-24 11:07 am

The Fable Tribe Update is Live~ <3

Our Glamourkin-centric update of The Fable Tribe is now live! There are many beautiful, and magic-filled lake-stone pendants, the regular Glamourkin shape of pendant, and some book and circle Glamourkins as well. We've also debuted the Glamourkin Oracle!

The inherent magic of Glamourkins lies in the fact that each pendant is intended for one person. One person on all the Earth. But humans are uncertain creatures, sometimes unaware as to which bits of wisdom would serve them best in their day-to-day journeys. And sometimes they need an outside voice to spell out the inner truths they already know.

Thus, we have created the Glamourkin Oracle. With your purchase, you will receive ONE Glamourkin pendant specially chosen for you by fate, faeries, or the Divine--whatever you believe. :) Cast your cares to the Universe and receive the message you alone are meant to explore. Repeat its words like a mantra, and wear it close to your heart. <3

-- from The Glamourkin Oracle

Any sharing about the update, purchases or word-of-mouth mentioning is supreme love, and deeply appreciated. The only way we are able to do what we do is because of the amazing support and love shown to us and the Fable Tribe--we appreciate it more than we could EVER articulate it. <3 <3 <3
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2012-07-23 02:27 pm

The Fable Tribe -- Update Beginning Now!

I'm beginning the Fable Tribe's update now! Follow along at our Etsy, and see what's coming up at our Flickr! (I'm working backwards from page six. <3)
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2012-07-23 01:02 pm

The Fable Tribe -- Update Beginning in One Hour!

The next Fable Tribe update is beginning in one hour! It's a Glamourkin-centric update~ <3 See the preview at our Flickr! <3

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2012-07-13 12:20 pm

The Fable Tribe -- Update Beginning Now!

Happy Friday the 13th! <3

The update preview is now uploaded to Flickr, and I'm about to begin the Friday the 13th update at the Fable Tribe! Today, we have several new, magical Blessing Bowls, Antheia's Garden got a shipment, straight from the Fairy Kingdom, and we're debuting a new line of little hair treasures: Pixie Leaves! <3

The Blessing Bowls start on page six of our Flickr--I'll be starting from the very end of the Flickr pages (eleven!) and going forward. :)

Follow along with me at our Etsy! <3

Edited to add, 2:12 PM: Taking a quick break due to technical difficulties--the bowls have all been added, and we'll start the hair flowers and Pixie Leaves in half an hour! <3

Edited to add: We're back and updating again! <3
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2012-07-11 01:22 pm

The Next Fable Tribe Update: Friday the 13th!

Sneak peek at the Fable Tribe update, coming Friday the 13th at noon, EST! ♥ This is just the tip of the sparkly iceberg--plan on seeing many sacred Blessing Bowls, and Anetheia's Garden is getting a new shipment, straight from the Fairy Kingdom! Stay tuned for magic! ♥

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2012-06-23 12:19 pm
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The Annual Midsummer Fable Tribe Sale: Five More Hours and ANOTHER Upped Sparkle!

Ladies and gentlefae, we are approaching the last five hours of the annual Midsummer Fable Tribe Sale! This is the only sale of the year at the Fable Tribe, and lots of you have been taking advantage of it, and loved the Glamourkin incentive~

Well, the fairies are VERY mischievous indeed. As there are only a few hours left of the sale, the sparkle is upped ONE more time!

Because everyone was so supportive of the sale, we've moved the order number back: the first TWENTY orders of $20 or more (after discount and before shipping!) will receive a free surprise Glamourkin in their package! There are about five slots left for this, so you still have a chance!

(Some people asked us that, if they came back today and made over the $20 amount again on an order, if they would receive two free Glamourkins: THE ANSWER IS YES! <3)

ALSO: every order made today (and yes, yesterday!) is in the running to receive a FREE custom Glamourkin!

How's that for sparkle? :D (Good gods, you guys, this is such fun. <3 Thank you so much for supporting it so much and being so excited about this! YOU ROCK!!!! <3333)

Five hours left! <3
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2012-06-22 04:56 pm
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The Annual Midsummer Fable Tribe Sale Begins Now!

Welcome to the annual Midsummer Fable Tribe sale! Use coupon code Midsummer12 to receive 40% off your entire purchase! This coupon code is good ONLY for twenty-four hours--afterward, it'll poof and disappear! :)

And let's up the sparkle, ladies and gentlefae! The first ten orders of $20 or more (after the discount!) will receive a free surprise Glamourkin in their package! Oh, the fairies are VERY mischievous this year! ♥

Welcome to the sparkle! Any questions, please ask! ♥
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2012-06-22 12:35 pm
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The Annual Midsummer Fable Tribe Sale is Almost Here!

At five PM, EST today, the magical clock strikes and the gates are open and for twenty-four hours only, a coupon code will light your way to 40% off in the entire shop (excluding custom listings). Be here at five PM, and this coupon code will open the sale!


Here's a few things to know!

- This is the only sale in the entire year for the Fable Tribe. If you've loved something, this is your only chance to get it on sale!
- The coupon code will only work for twenty-four hours--at the end of twenty-four hours, the coupon code will be deactivated and will no longer work. That means at five PM tomorrow, it'll poof and disappear! :)
- If you check out and don't use the coupon code, you'll pay full price for the listings, which is something I can't change having happened--so please make certain to use the coupon code! It's on the checkout page--if you have any problems, please let me know!
- Why are we doing the sale? We've always done it, and it's one of our favorite ways to honor our favorite/frequent customers. We'll never stop, as long as we make sparkly things, doing our once-a-year crazy-happy-glittery-splosion. <3
- You can totally share this, if'n ye be wishin'! <333333

See you at fiiiiiiive~! :D <3 <3 <3
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2012-06-20 11:45 am
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<3 <3 <3

We have returned from Chicago and the amazingness of Midsummer that happened there. <3 I'll write much more about it later--but right now, I wanted to mention something very important~

You know how mischievous fairies get around Midsummer! On Friday evening, June 22nd, something very special is happening to the Fable Tribe shop. Our once-in-the-year sale is unfurling brilliant blue petals, and be prepared, for...

Twenty-four hours only, there will be a 40% off coupon that goes out into the wild. For twenty-four hours, we are hosting our annual Midsummer sale!

See you at the sparkling hour when the clock strikes five! (EST. <3)