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Birthdate:Jul 6
Location:United States of America
No beauty could move me,
No goodness improve me,
No power on earth, if I can't love her.
No passion could reach me,
No lesson could teach me...
If I can't love her...

~ from Beauty and the Beast: The Musical


I'm Sarah Diemer--author and storyteller. I make jewelry and other sparkly things out of old books, write about courageous young ladies who love other ladies and drink a lot of tea and coffee. (It gives me the power of Sparkle.) <3

My first novel was a YA lesbian retelling of the Greek myth of Persephone, The Dark Wife, which won the 2012 Golden Crown Literary Award finalist for Speculative Fiction, and is nominated for a Parsec Award (the first two chapters of the audiobook). <3 I write ALL THE THINGS, and you can find out more about my current projects, what's about to be released, and what will soon be released at my author site,

I also write lesbian fantasy/fairy tales/paranormal books as Elora Bishop--I co-author the Sappho's Fables series of fairy tales, retold from a lesbian perspective, with my lovely wife, Jennifer Diemer (WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE AN AUTHOR. <3).

This is me! I'm covered in a crazy amount of tattoos, and my pink, way-too-curly hair is always trying to eat people.

I love my wife Jenn (willow_cabin) more than anything in the universe. <3

(photo by Vasilion Photography~)

We have a lot of fur babies and love them all with all our heart.
We are totally the Cat Ladies and Dog People that your mother warned you about.

I'm a Witch, and Priestess and I worship the Goddess--I've followed an earth religionist path for almost my entire life.
I'm the girl in the woods dancing around and hugging trees and totally not getting poison ivy.

I write my spiritual non-fiction under the pen name of Eevie Keys!

Jenn and I are obsessed with all things faerie, and dress up like faeries every chance we
get. We go to the Spoutwood Fairie Festival every year (I proposed to Jenn there in 2004!),
and our first (not legal) marriage, we both wore fairy wings. WE ALSO WORE THEM FOR OUR
us being unicorn fairies. Totally not phallic, right?

I have an outrageous sense of humor.

I know and love and am friends with the most fucking phenomenal people on this entire planet.
A few of them are pictured here:

I am ridiculously weird.
I am also a ridiculously happy person.
I am also ridiculous.

I am madly in love with life. I have a lot to be grateful for~ <3 <3 <3

LJ is my personal space--I have a more public blog that I share with my wife
at <3


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